Terms and Conditions

  1.  East Sussex County Council runs the i-go scheme. The Council decides the terms and conditions and has the right to make changes. 
  2.  When you sign up to i-go, you are accepting our terms and conditions.
  3. The Council issues the card, and it remains the Council's property. The Council has the right to decline, issue or withdraw the card at any time. The Council will inform you of any changes. If you wish, you will be able to leave the scheme at any time. 
    We may withdraw the card and remove your information if you:
    - Misuse the card
    - Fail to follow terms and conditions
    - Do not meet the criteria for the card.
    You will not be able to reapply. 
  4. By signing up to i-go you are agreeing to your or your child’s information to be on the register. 
  5. Only the person named on the card can use it. The card is not transferable to anyone else.
  6. Please follow the guidelines for booking a venue or activity. This is in the Provider's terms and conditions on the i-go website. 
  7. Please contact us if you lose the card or your circumstances change. For example, a change of address, email, or eligibility status. You can contact us here https://igo.eastsussex.gov.uk/contact 
  8. The Council will hold all personal information and use it in accordance with:
    - The General Data Protection Regulations 2018
    - Data Protection Act 2018. 
  9. The Council will delete your information after the expiry date. The Council will store all personal information securely. 
    For more information, please visit: https://new.eastsussex.gov.uk/privacy/i-go-leisure-card. You can view our privacy notice or contact the i-go team to get a copy. 
  10. The Council will not share any information to any unauthorised person. But where appropriate will use the information to contact you. This might be about relevant services, consultations and promotions. 
  11. We will keep your information from the date applied until the card expires. You will need to renew the card at the ages of 4, 11 & 16. Once the applicant turns 26, we will remove their information from the register. 
  12. If you wish to leave the scheme, please send us a letter, and enclose the card. 
    The i-go Team,
    East Sussex County Council,
    Children’s Services,
    3rd Floor St Marks House, 
    14 Upperton Road,
    Eastbourne, BN21 1EP.