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Zylo Performance @ Bonners Church Of England Primary School


We provide a variety of drama and music based clubs in schools, which focus on creating a learning experience in a child-friendly, accessible environment. The clubs are for all levels of interest and ability: future stars, fun seekers, shy or confident. At Bonners Church of England Primary School we hold drama classes after school, and daytime guitar or singing classes for ages 6 to 11. Our film school holiday course is designed to give children a fun and engaging insight into the creative processes behind film making. 


As classes take place at the i-go cardholder’s school it is assumed accessibility is known. If the i-go cardholder needs additional help to do this contact Ryan Barker to discuss can meeting the cardholder’s needs. It might be that a request for a parent/carer be present during the class.
The Unexpected
  • There can be sudden loud noise
  • We have characters in costumes

The classes can get noisy but the Zylo team manage noise levels as much as possible if there is someone in the class who finds too much noise distracting.
Occasionally costumes that cover the head may be used. 

Offers & Events


Londan Road Maresfield
Uckfield, TN22 2EG

This page was last updated on 20 Jun 2023