18 to 25 Year Old’s Who Are Not Studying Get Student Prices on Bus Fares (about a third off standard fares)

i-go Card holders over 18 who are not studying benefit from Student fare prices on all Keycard purchases. 

Brighton and Hove Buses


How to claim

To get the discounted travel you will need to have a Key Card and Brighton and Hove Buses Photo ID card. To get these you need to visit Brighton and Hove Buses head office in Hove or the 1 Stop Travel Shop in Brighton. You must be age 18 to 25 years old.

Please note, you’ll need at least a year left before your i-go Card expires to get a 12 month citySAVER, or a networkSAVER for the Keycard. 

You will need to take with you -
•    your i-go Leisure Card 
•    Photo ID
•    a passport size photograph (or a member of staff can take your photo for you at the Travel Shop or head office) 
•    your/a carers email address
•    your current address details

An account will be opened for you so you can get the student fare prices either via a keycard or on an M Ticket on your mobile phone.

 If, for any reason, you are unable to visit yourself someone can do this on your behalf .They will need take with them all the above including:
1.    A photograph of you 
2.    Photo ID of themselves. (as well as your photo ID) 

1 Stop Travel, 26 North Street, Brighton, BN1 1EB

Head Office, 43 Conway Street, Hove, BN3 3LT

Terms and conditions

Carers Card, Compass Card and I-Go Card - Terms and Conditions
Thank you for choosing to travel by Brighton & Hove Buses. The following terms and conditions are applicable to all participants of the discounted travel scheme for Carers’ Card, Compass Card and I-Go Card holders which entitles you to Student key card and mobile app prices. 
You can now purchase student tickets via your mobile or Key card account which has been registered in your name. 
Please ensure, when using a Brighton & Hove bus, you are always carrying the following with you in case it is requested by a company official. 
•    Brighton & Hove Buses Photo ID card - supplied to you by the company when you applied
•    Either your Carers Card, Compass Card or I-Go Leisure Card – which ever card applies to you.
Please note if you cannot supply or present your Brighton & Hove Buses photo ID card or one of the other requested cards above your account may be blocked pending your ID being shown at a later date. There will also be an administration charge to reopen the account. 
Please note that we regularly audit student accounts to confirm that only registered students or the registered Carers Card, Compass Card or I-Go Card holders are using these tickets. 
You may receive an email asking for proof of your entitlement status; this should be provided by the date requested, either by sending a copy of your valid registration card by return to the email or
by taking it to 1 Stop Travel, North Street, Brighton.
The ID card must be:
1.    Either the Carers Card, Compass Card or I-Go Leisure Card. 
2.    A copy also of photo ID 
The Student keycards are not transferable; cards found being used by a third party areliable to being withdrawn and a penalty fare applied to the account.

About Brighton and Hove Buses

Brighton & Hove Buses operates multiple bus services across the city of Brighton and Hove as well as longer distance routes. This includes the 2 service from Brighton to Shoreham and Steyning as well as the 14 from Brighton to Rottingdean, Saltdean and Peacehaven. The 12 service also operates out to Newhaven, Seaford and Eastbourne. Other services include the 28 service from Brighton to Lewes and Ringmer as well as the 29 service from Brighton to Lewes, Uckfield and Tunbridge Wells. 
All services and route information can be found here

Learn more about Brighton and Hove Buses


All buses are low floor, ‘kneeling buses’ and have manual ramps providing easier access for wheelchair and class 2 scooters users. 

 If a wheelchair user is unable to board, for any reason, a free accessible taxi will be offered as part of the Wheelchair Taxi Guarantee Scheme 

All buses have Dementia friendly flooring, supporting ‘grab’ rails and priority seating

Helping Hand is an award winning assistance card scheme which allows bus users to discreetly advise of any assistance they may require. The card can be particularly helpful for disabled people with a non-visible impairment. 

Brighton & Hove Buses work with local and national disability organisations, and their passengers, with the aim to provide an accessible traveling experience for all. Find all of Brighton and Hove Buses accessability Information here

Hearing Assistance
  • Hearing loop

On board audio and visual announcements provide passengers with vital ‘next stop’ information which can also be accessed, on many buses, via a loop system when a hearing aid is turned to the T position. 

Customer service desks at the 1 Stop Travel shop and Conway Street office are equipped with a loop system for improved quality sound for passengers with hearing aids. 

Blind/Visually Impaired
  • Large Print Leaflets / Guides / Menus

Timetables and information are available on request in large print, braille and audio CD's and on the www.buses.co.uk website ‘Recite Me’ has the provision to translate all the website pages into over 100 different languages. 

To help improve the overall travelling experience for all, drivers and staff have D&I training including Level 1 My Guide training, in partnership with Guide Dogs, and dementia friend awareness, in partnership with the Alzheimer’s society. 

All buses have visual next stop announcements 

Guide Dogs
  • Guide Dogs Welcome

The travel shops are also ‘Safe Havens’ where all customer service staff have been trained to help if someone comes in who is confused or just needs a little extra assistance

Helping Hand is an award winning assistance card scheme which allows bus users to discreetly advise of any assistance they may require. The card can be particularly helpful for customers with non-visible disabilities.


1 Stop Travel 26 North Street
Brighton, BN1 1EB

This page was last updated on 10 May 2022